Sahara Event

Sahara Event

Our theme of ‘Cost reduction’ was much appreciated by all who visited. The enthralling interactions, exciting conversations on ‘how automation can reduce costs’ were highlights of the event.

Posted on 26-Dec-2022

Mr. Siddhesh from IMTS spoke about the need for Industrial automation, the challenges faced to reduce cost & how Siemens - MindSphere solution, can be the right choice for reducing costs in the areas of Energy Saving, Predictive Maintenance, Quality defect correction to effect an increase in OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

Mr. Akhil Varma from Siemens explained how Mendix as a Low Code/ No code platform can help organizations build multi-experience, enterprise grade applications which are scalable & easy to maintain. Mendix can easily integrate with existing ERP’s (SAP/Oracle...) or any 3rd party app on real time basis to give an real time experience to internal & external users.

Examples of Low code No code apps can be - A Customer / Dealer Portal, Field service management, LAB connect for QC (Lab information management system), Workforce management and many more...