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No-Code Low-Code Apps

No-Code Low-code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual.

Rather than a technical coding environment, no-code low-code operates in a model-driven, drag-and-drop interface. All development skill levels - professional developers, novice developers, subject matter experts, business stakeholders, and decision makers - can use this platform to build value-driven enterprise business applications.

Multi App Platform

Challenge - Maintaining multiple Applications in house or 3rd Party.

Build cross-platform applications with pre-configured modules, logic, templates, connectors, and more. Components of a low-code application can be customized and extended by skilled developers.

Workflow management

Challenge - Checks, Validations & Business workflow management often requires heavy customisation at the ERP level.

Drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive visual UI make it possible for business users to increase their productivity and to build all types of applications workflows. Model-driven development lets you visualize how the application works as it’s being built with the ability to launch with one-click deployment

Data Integration

Challenge - Different 3rd Party applications often involve huge efforts for integration with core ERP system using API’s

Securely integrate data and logic from any source, system, or service — including your core ERP systems. Build applications using pre-configured APIs and connectors (Major ERP connectors available out of the box), and empower your skilled developers to build a custom integration with ease.


Challenge - Lack of collaboration withing organisation’s community.

Develop collaboratively with built-in tools for feedback loops, revision tracking, user stories, messaging, and more. The visual nature of no-code low-code keeps everyone speaking the same language which helps breakdown silos to foster a stronger Business-IT partnership


Challenge - Newer Applications (Internal or 3rd Party) add to the resources and Capital expenditure.

Deploy new applications and augment existing applications quickly as customer demands and business needs change. A cloud-based low-code platform provides flexibility, support for continuous delivery, and run-time and dev-time scalability on demand.