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The first of its kind integrated payroll ecosystem

Our customers had smooth transitions, sweeping impacts

90% of Zoho Payroll customers switched from spreadsheets to cloud-based payroll software.

70% of operations time saved by customers on average after using Zoho Payroll.

4/5 customers enjoyed hassle-free migration to Zoho Payroll, even in the middle of the fiscal year.

90% of our customers eliminate multi-vendor coordination through our pre-integrated apps.

Payroll made easy, scalable, and auto-compliant

With the simplified payroll software, spend less time on payroll and more time on growing business.


Our Partners

Kouchan India

Payroll experience redefined to be stress free

Automatic payroll calculation

Run payroll in a few clicks and automatically generate payslips online with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Embrace diverse salary structures

Create multiple pay slabs for your staff, leads, and managers and associate the right template with each employee.

Pay employees on time, every time

Transfer employees' salaries directly to their bank accounts with timely online transfers and readily available bank advice.

Straightforward statutory compliance

Steer your business clear of compliance penalties. We handle your statutory compliance including PF, PT, ESI, LWF and IT and make filing easy with tax reports.

Encourage employee self service

Enable seamless collaboration between employees and your payroll staff and reduce the burden of employee requests.

Fine tune admin privileges

Invite your qualified staff to process payroll but maintain control with user roles and role-based access.

We get payroll done so you can get other things done

Engage people, not process

Scaling up your business fast? Add your new hires to your payroll in a few simple steps, and manage all their information centrally.

  • Administer employees' information and records.
  • Choose how you want to pay your employees.
  • Manage your employee exit process.

Run payroll in no time

It's time to turn your payroll chaos into order. Automatic payroll calculations help you to process pay runs without breaking a sweat.

  • Systemize your pay schedule.
  • Process and approve pay runs in a few steps.
  • Accommodate one-time or recurring bonus pay runs.

Keep up with tax regulations

We'll help you make accurate tax deductions along with tax-ready reports.

  • Generate Form 16 for employees to submit income tax returns.
  • Incorporate statutory components (PF, ESI, PT, Income tax) as per Indian law.
  • Know your year-to-date payroll cost and tax liabilities.