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AI Tools

FaceValue Application: Facial recognition for Security and Sentiment analysis.

Artificial Inteligence Solutions

  • Identify customers & non-customers via IP cam
  • Register user images through live feed
  • Match captured image with any application DB
  • Show age & sentiment along with the identification
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and analytics
  • Records potential buyers
  • Customizability

Artificial Inteligence

Face value, powered by SAP business one will be a technology to reckon with, Its journey towards providing an intelligent enterprise solution for hospitality industry will work towards a enhanced customer satisfaction. This will not only increase faithfulness towards the enterprise but also help in increased revenue.

  • Member relationship manager: Real-time analysis of customers entering the club with customer counts
  • Analysis: Real-time analysis of customers, non-customers, and guests, visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard.



Solution Technology

Tensor flow, Python, Java

AI based camera Artificial Intelligence solution

Identify customers and non-customers, Sentiments, behavior patterns, the last service availed. Our app has a real-time interactive service!

Visit Log

Via IP Cam, it identifies the member or non-member and keeps the count through live feeds. It can click real-time pictures of members who do not have a picture uploaded and register the image through live feeds.


Face captured is matched with any application database through POS/CMS (Club management system Application, developed by IMTS and integrates with any application and result is shown on screen, i.e., Member verified / Not a member, sent as an email, sent as an SMS to respective managers and at the reception.

Client Age & Sentiment

Along with Identification, it also shows Age, Sentiments of the members.

Customer Counter

Back end, it processes the count of this member visiting the club. Camera in a social gathering, helps give them exact count of people which gives accurate numbers for billing purpose.

Customer Segmentation

For example, If client visits for the 7th time in a month, an email goes to the specified manager.

Record Potential Buyers

Application camera used in the Sales department is used to record the person who shows interest in buying the membership.