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Business Consultancy

Business Process Management (BPM) delivers a pragmatic approach to process management.

Benefits of deploying a BPM Solution

  • Maximizes cost reductions, provides for growth, manages change, and executes an integrated business strategy.
  • Enables cross-enterprise integration to scale and extend management controls across the technology.
  • Manages change effectively as requirements, laws, processes, and regulations change.
  • Provides a structured but customizable environment to extend to other industry and process automation requirements to minimize training costs;
  • Allows for expansion from department-only processes to even broader BPM for greater business value.

What we believe...

At IMS, we believe that enterprise-wide management systems are not about technology alone. They are about understanding the organization’s SWOT & application of appropriate technologies.

With this philosophy in mind, IMS strives to deliver end-to-end business consulting services, thus defining the Information Technology road maps for SMEs to enterprises worldwide. Also, IMS provides advice to its customers to enable the most effective use of technology in line with its business interests and systems requirements.

At IMS, we subscribe to the fact that enterprise systems are about getting into our customers’ shoes and thinking in the same way as them.

Our Partners

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Consulting Approach

Our consulting approach takes your Strategic Business Objectives as the core criteria in the process of recommending and implementing the most appropriate solution for your business. During the consulting process and analyzing business processes and IT requirements, we also take current business issues and external market conditions into consideration, initiate solutions, and change drivers to provide you with an improved process and control over your business.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) delivers a pragmatic approach to process management. A Business Process Management (BPM) solution to a company’s needs begins with aligning business goals to create value through process change initiatives. This alignment leads to a thorough understanding and design of representative processes typically following an industry-standard framework. These models promote inter-and intra-enterprise integration and collaboration of people, systems, processes, and information across the enterprise, including business partners and customers.