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3rd Party Integration

Integrating the entire business, from the back office to the Plant floor

Integration Solutions

  • Cost reduction due to less wastage
  • Real-time tracking of raw materials to finished products
  • Time saving
  • Less Errors due to Less manual Intervention
  • Proactive machine maintenance through active run and cycle time capture
  • Better machine and master schedule synchronization and change management
  • Improved manufacturing quality and real-time degradation monitoring
  • Single Platform for all applications
  • Continuous manufacturing improvement and optimal resource application

Benefits that truly propel a business forward

Any ERP Integration can be done with Machines, Various Devices, Assets, Weaable or any other 3rd Party tools or applications.

Integration between ERP to create Hybrid Model to get the Best of all worlds is playing the Major role in today's world.

  • Machines & Movable Assets: Integration of ERP with Machine, movable assets in Industries.
  • 3rd Party Application & Tools: Integration with any 3rd Party Application is possible. You can integrate your current application with any other solution.
  • Between ERP Integration: Integration between 2 or more ERPs to get the best of breeds.
  • Devices and Wearables: Integration with Devices, Wearables, Vehicals, Cameras etc.

Equip with Vision and Control

Machine Integration with ERP
  • Collect count information (from PLC)
  • Monitor the machine status remotely
  • Configure devices (setup)
  • Retrieve tracking information
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy Monitoring

Integration of ERP with 3rd Party Applications & Tools
  • Attendance Management Application with Payroll
  • Facial Recognition software with Member Management application and ERP
  • Schedule Booking application with ERP
  • Point of Sales with ERP
  • Hotel Booking application with POS and ERP

Integration Between ERPs

IMTS has a unique Best of Breeds ERP Solution. It allows customers to take advantage of Powerful features of high-end ERP with the remaining features of cost-friendly ERP systems to get the best of all worlds in an integrated form makes it easy to use everything on a single platform.

  • Low-cost solutions for users who need access to Limited ERP features
  • Out-of-the-Box AI, BI, BA tools, and More
  • Web and Mobile apps for Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and everything

Integration with Devices, Wearables
  • Integration of HRMS System with Attendance management using Face Recognition Cameras
  • Temperature monitoring device integrated with alert management
  • Sentiment Analysis with CCTV Cameras to analyze customer behavior
  • Artificial Intelligent devices integrated with ERP
  • Electricity Consumption Monitoring device with ERP