Monitoring Critical Machine Parameters to Get an Insight on Batch Output

Monitoring Critical Machine Parameters to Get an Insight on Batch Output

No matter the industry or sector, the number one rule of survival and success for every business is to satisfy its customers. To do that, you need to instill a level of quality in your products and services that can set you apart from the competition. The real work begins where you have to diagnose and resolve issues throughout the supply chain process and match the output quality with customer demands.

Posted on 08-Feb-2022

However, you cannot do that without gathering enough data to gain an accurate insight into the batch output. One of the best ways to derive value from such data is to integrate them with solutions that can help you monitor critical parameters and manage the quality of output.

Before we talk about the benefits of industrial automation in improving your batch output, let’s see why we need an automated solution in the first place.

Why Do We Need Industrial Automation?
Collecting data is only good if you can derive value from it. For instance, using data analytics and integrating that data with various solutions allows you to act on such valuable information and manage the devices providing them. Operating on a manual basis creates many gaps that can only be filled with automated solutions. Here are some reasons why you need industrial automation:

Creating Gold Batches
The golden batch is produced when all the ingredients and equipment come together in perfect sync with optimal proportions. The goal is to make the same batch on a regular basis with no dip in quality.

Doing that requires identifying key process trends, overheads, and equipment settings to produce the batch in a way that matches the ideal standards. Needless to say, such a level of precision is almost impossible to achieve in manual mode, which signals the need for an automated solution that can objectively record the perfect settings and reproduce them in the time of need.

Real-time Data Entry
Recording and entering accurate batch details have a fundamental impact on creating the perfect batch in the manufacturing process. Too often, manufacturers record the details manually, which is inevitably prone to error and results in offline data capturing.

A slight data entry error will most likely have costly consequences down the road, wasting money, time, and effort. An automated solution will accurately capture and record data in real-time without missing critical parameters. That goes a long way in helping companies detect failures early on in the process before they lead to significant downtime.

Predictive Failure Alarm
Due to many reasons, a batch failure may go undetected when using manual methods. That will result in production loss and additional costs while delaying the next batch and wasting time.

Using an automated solution, batch conditions can be monitored in real-time, and any failure will be detected and explored using root cause analysis. In addition, the software will study the historical data and predict the likelihood of faulty batch production in the future.

Quality Control
Some companies use manual operators to oversee the quality of the operation because they consider it more economical than purchasing an automated solution. However, they fail to recognize the high cost of labor and faulty products that will cost money, and in some cases, their reputation on the market.

A reliable solution will locate any inefficiencies and continuously monitor quality control parameters with far more accuracy. On top of that, it will detect and correct faulty products before they roll out into the market, preventing expensive callbacks.

Critical Performance Monitoring
One of the main downsides to using manual performance monitoring is that the technicians and operators cannot monitor critical performance parameters (Temperature, pressure, humidity, environmental parameters, machine parameters) round the clock. Even if they do, the company will have to incur high labor costs for a method that is quite prone to error.

A slight change in these critical parameters may affect the quality of the entire batch output. Therefore, using an automated quality control solution will ensure that all products meet optimal quality standards.

Data Integration with Business Solutions
There’s no doubt that you can use such a massive volume of data to understand and improve the quality of batch output. But you need a platform to channel and integrate those data into various parts of your business to prevent any interruptions to the flow.

By integrating data with enterprise solutions such as ERP, CRM, and PLM solutions, you can identify faulty batches early on, reduce the need for maintenance and resolve slight glitches that can become quite costly down the road.

An automated solution will monitor all dead or live assets to check their level of connectivity. Technicians and operators on site can use the software to convert dead assets into live assets and connect the live assets.

The software will use the data provided to analyze and report the IoT project’s feasibility and provide a condition where all devices are connected and optimally running on an integrated, secure service platform.

A reliable solution will create a digital reflection of the real-world operation that will help businesses adjust their course and move towards fulfilling critical quality requirements that will bring in more success.

Similarly, an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution will employ such data to reveal underlying usage patterns to help you adjust your manufacturing process and introduce features that better fit the customer’s needs. Plus, it’ll help you monitor consumption levels over time and increase or decrease the output speed to avoid order fulfillment delays that can be significantly costly.

Additional Benefits of an Automated Solution
In addition to providing better products and services, enterprise solutions can offer several benefits, three of which we’ll discuss below:

Lower Error Rate
As stated before, the ultimate goal is to create a flawless experience for the customer. Logically, that objective is much harder to achieve if you keep using error-prone manual procedures and spend a significant amount of your money and time on resolving those issues.

With the help of automation, an enterprise solution will wipe out a huge fraction of those issues, leaving you with more money and time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Remote Diagnostics
With traditional methods, companies need to spend a lot of time and money for experts to be physically present on-site and perform proper diagnostics and adjustments.

Using an enterprise solution, the experts will remotely identify the root of the problem and manage parameters while having access to comprehensive data about the device’s historical performance. In addition, they can communicate and share their findings with other remote experts and the people on site.

Lower Upgrade Costs
As these solutions contain comprehensive information on each machine and its configuration, companies can use secure mechanisms to upgrade their software without needing costly shipping and duplication.

Each update will be tailored to the device specification, lowering the costs associated with service calls and customer mistakes.

Bottom Line
The ultimate sign of a thriving business is where all departments act in harmony, all at the customer’s service. They need to integrate these separate islands to do that, and there’s no better way to implement it than using enterprise solutions.

A reliable enterprise solution will help identify faulty batches, streamline the supply chain process and maximize revenue, quality, and customer satisfaction.

However, with the vast spectrum of various solutions with unique benefits and drawbacks, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right provider. Fortunately, you don’t need to look very far because IMTS offers solutions that can be tailored to your operational needs and your budget. What’s even more advantageous is that all of this is provided with flexible pricing enabling you to only pay for what you sorely need at any moment in time.

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