Automation Expo 2022

Automation Expo 2022

With over 1000 exhibiting during the four-day event, Automation Expo 2022 was Southeast Asia’s largest automation show for instrumentation and control systems, Industry 4.0, robotics, process automation, factory automation, IIoT, hydraulics, pneumatics, warehouse automation, valves, and cybersecurity. The Expo attracted many people from all over India and the world.

Posted on 16-Jun-2022

Our Services
With more than 20 years of experience, a global presence, and innovative solutions, IMTS has always been a pioneer service provider in the automation industry. 

Our partnership with SIEMENS enables us to connect the physical world with the digital universe through our automation solutions, providing insights, using data more effectively, and improving business processes. Get a head start on automation by understanding what it means to your business. With our automation solutions, you can predict machine breakdowns with 97% accuracy, save up to 35% on energy costs, and increase production efficiency by 12%.

How Can We Help
With our solutions, you can monitor various parameters related to the power components that reach high voltage online so that the dashboard and KPIs show you where you can improve. We can also give you the insights you need to help you predict machine failures far in advance. And we provide software solutions that give you the required data to ensure that every product you sell is of high quality and that your customers are satisfied. With our solutions, you can predict quality defects with 98% accuracy. 


  • Cost Reduction through automation 
  • Energy Saving up to 35% 
  • Failure Prediction up to 96% Accuracy
  • Defect Detection Up to 98% Accuracy

Our Product’s Applications 

  • On premise 
  • On Cloud

What Technology Do We Use? 

  • Siemens Mindsphere / Mendix

Who Can Use Our Solution?

  • Process and Discrete Manufacturers looking for Automation Solutions to Reduce Costs