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Productivity Tools

A better way to handle the people, process, and technology at reduced costs, allowing them to work from anywhere and be contactless

Office Automation Solutions

  • Contactless Temperature Check
  • Hands-free Sanitizer
  • Attendance through Face recognition
  • Mask Occlusion (Face detection with Mask)/QR Code Scanning
  • Voice operated Coffee Machine
  • Hands-free dispenser
  • Employee Location Tracking in office
  • Social Distancing and Safety regulations via automation
  • Wayfinding tools

Office Automation

Let us say you have an employee at your doorstep.The system will recognize the employee despite the facial mask, check for the normal body temperature of the employee, and automates the door to open without having to establish physical contact with the door.

Upon authorization to enter, touch hand free sanitizer helps the employee to sanitize his hands.

Now the system will recognize the presence of the employee in the cabin or meeting room and automatically turn on/off the electric appliances, thus saving costs.

The employee and the enterprise remain fully sterile as the system takes hygiene to the next level with a touch-free washroom facility and hands-free drinks dispenser

  • Contactless Solution
  • Hands-free equipment
  • Employee tracking
  • Wellness checks and surveys

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What Makes Us Different

Here are a few of the leading solutions that can help us navigate this new territory, allowing us to interact with caution when necessary, and avoid it when possible.

Proximity bracelets

It buzzes if workers get too close. As always, the underlying data logged by the devices holds even more value. Not only can repeat offenders be identified but if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, anyone who was recently within six feet of that person can be notified, as well.

Digital wallets and payments

As we move forward, adoption will rise, making payments safer and faster, and more efficient. In addition to business uses, this technology can also be applied to public transit systems, ATMs, events, etc.

Robots in support roles: The potential of robotics is vast; consider their use for disinfection and routine tasks in hospitals to keep staff safe and more available for patient care.

LiDAR crowd density detection

Rather than individuals needing to police the social distancing of those around them. LiDAR (light detection and ranging), long known for its autonomous vehicle applications, is being adapted for crowd congestion.

Beacon technology: For example, grocery retailers could send an alert to app users saying, “In-store traffic is light right now. Get your shopping done in a flash.” Or event centers could send a notification to ticket holders saying, “Parking lots are 80% full. See a list of nearby drop-off locations.”

Driverless and contactless delivery

The use of drone delivery, drones as-a-service, driverless vehicles, autonomous pick/pack/ship warehouses, and RFID/NFC tags for shipment tracking will rise. At the same time, remote work and “leave at the door” policies will remain in place.

Our Automation Technologies

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