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Automation Solution for Services Industry

First Step to Better Service Business

Automate and integrate all your organization’s critical functions, including Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance and Accounting, Management, Purchasing, Banking, and Customer Relationship Management. With solution components for the seamless integration to Quality Assurance / Quality Checking, Research & Development, Master Production Scheduling, and compliance reporting functionalities.

Work From Anywhere

Cost Saving

Contact Free


  • Customer Relationship experience to understand the demography of the usage of self-service model
  • Early age of Self-service model deployment
  • Having Process and technologies in place
  • Interaction, Routing, Reporting, Analytics and Quality management


  • Self-service Portal powered by SAP business one, Easy to register, login, Pay and Use model
  • Zero implementation, Training videos, FAQ’s and readily available templates – Start using from day 1
  • Cloud model ensuring 365 days connectivity, Completely Secure
  • Dedicated Customer support helpdesk (Contact center)
  • Fast, Capable of handling high volumes, Inbuilt Dashboards – Powered by HANA technology


  • Visibility & Transparency
  • Any time access at low cost of use
  • Customer – 360 Overview
  • Decision making for better business decisions

Self Service Portal


60% of businesses expect to implement self-service portals within the next 12–18 months

Reduce Costs

if your customer can answer their problem on their own, that reduces the amount of support needed because the volume of tickets will decrease. And there’s not as much of a need to invest in customer service as your company grows

Improve CSR Productivity

With fewer calls and support tickets, agents and representatives fielding these inquiries can spend more time with each customer that doesn’t use their self-service portal

Teach Customers New Skills

Use simple ways of getting the information across through step-by-step guides and how-to videos, sometimes with images, diagrams, and screenshots. These methods are especially useful for customers to understand customer product inside out

Boosts Site Traffic

An attractive, reliable, and responsive self-service portal ensures that customers can access all information in one place. That means strong, high-visibility portals addressing customers’ needs always have traffic. The company can also leverage external customer service experts to contribute to the enterprise’s knowledge base

Leverage Customer experience

The self-service portal can keep the record of the products or services purchased and display the specific topics of expertise relevant to them. This way, clients realize that the business treats them as a valued partner with unique preferences

Positive Customer Recommendations

39% of millennials check a company’s FAQ first when they have a question, showing a clear preference for finding answers on their own; a good knowledge base also needs an appealing and natural look with features such as live chat and email options, resulting in a better overall customer experience (resulting in better reviews)