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Automation Solution for Retail Industry

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Automate and integrate all the critical functions of your organization including Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance and Accounting, Management, Purchasing, Banking and Customer Relationship Management. With solution components for the seamless integration to Quality Assurance / Quality Checking, Research & Development, Master Production Scheduling and compliance reporting functionalities.

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Point of Sales

A Robust point of Sale solution comprises a Fast, User-friendly, and Simple to use interphase which can be used on multiple devices. Also, it should have a reward point system, schemes, and discounts. Management and various fast-track payments directly integrated with the billing and accounting module for an express check out and a fabulous customer experience. All this is provided by Octopus’s Retail Add on powered by SAP.

Seasonal Cash Flow

For many retailers, cash flow is uneven because of seasonal demand. Due to increased demand during the winter holidays, many retailers, including toy, jewelry, and consumer electronics stores, generate a disproportionate revenue share during the fourth quarter. Back-to-school and spring and fall fashion introductions drive sales peaks for apparel retailers.

SAP’s Cash flow module gives an accurate picture of the cash flow keeping in mind transactions in the systems, seasonal trends, historical data, and provisions.

Protecting Client Info

Growing concern over identity theft and credit card fraud has resulted in increased scrutiny over customer data security in the retail sector. Retailers access and often store confidential customer information through loyalty programs and credit card payment data.

IMTS cloud ensures high-level security for the protection of Customer information from Fraud. All the information is stored on the cloud with top-of-line security systems and disaster management solutions.

Trends Affect Demand

Consumer tastes and preferences can change rapidly and greatly affect the demand for retail items. Fashion fads and product life cycles can be unpredictable, and companies may struggle to make merchandising decisions based on future trends.

SAP’s MRP module helps in understanding demand and give recommendations for supplies.